Canon XC10 Compatible Memory Cards, Data Rates, and Recording Times

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The following compatible memory cards, data rates, and recording time information has been extracted from the Canon XC10 website and/or camera manual. All information is subject to change, and all data rates and recording times are approximate values. Bit rates and recording times will vary depending on the content being captured.


Canon XC10 Compatible Memory Cards

The following table shows all compatible memory cards for the Canon XC10 camera.

Canon XC10 Compatible CFast 2.0 Memory Cards

*1 Verify the letter that appears at the end of the model number. The “xxx” portion in the model numbers represents a 3-character region code.
*2 Compatible with Video Performance Guarantee 130 (VPG-130).

Proper operation cannot be guaranteed for all recording media.
In some cases, it may take longer to write data on the Cfast card and recording may stop. To avoid this, we recommend that users regularly fully format and refresh their card using the "Cfast Full Format and Refresh Tool" available from the link below.



If the card is inserted into a camera with a different firmware version, a message recommending to initialize the card may be displayed. In such case, back up the clips recorded on the card and then initialize it with the camera.


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Canon XC10 Data Rates and Approximate Recording Times

The following table shows the approximate recording times of the Canon XC10 camera using various formats, memory card types and memory card sizes.

Canon XC10 Data Rates and Approximate Recording Times