Other ATOMOS Products Compatible SSDs & Memory Cards

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The following compatible SSDs, data rates, and recording time information has been extracted from the ATOMOS website and/or product manuals. All information is subject to change, and all data rates and recording times are approximate values. Bit rates and recording times will vary depending on the content being captured.


Other ATOMOS Compatible SSDs & Memory Cards

The following table shows all compatible SSDs & Memory Cards for various ATOMOS products.


Other ATOMOS Compatible SSDs & Memory CardsATOMOS Compatible Memory Cards

1. Please note that these drives are NOT compatible with Shogun Studio, the Blade series or Ninja 2 as they DO NOT fit in the drive slots. Please note Rev.1 is the higher casing design which does not work with the SUMO, Shogun Studio or Blade Series. Rev.2 has a thinner casing that compatible with all Atomos Devices
2. Not compatible with the Blade series & Ninja 2
3. Test on Ultra II Firmware X41310RL
4. File split at 12 hours, 25 minutes and 39 seconds "Skippy" error mark will appear
5. Supported on AtomOS 6.2 or later