RED WEAPON Compatible Memory Cards Data Rates and Recording Times


The following compatible memory cards, data rates, and recording time information has been extracted from the RED WEAPON website and/or camera manual. All information is subject to change, and all data rates and recording times are approximate values. Bit rates and recording times will vary depending on the content being captured.


RED WEAPON Compatible Memory Cards

The following table shows all compatible memory cards for the RED WEAPON 6K and RED WEAPON 8K camera.

RED Weapon Compatible Memory Cards

² To see the Model number, got to Menu>Media>Device.
*³ The RED MINI-MAG 1TB can take up to 20 seconds to mount to a computer or a camera


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RED Recording Time Calculator

The following shows the approximate recording times of various RED cameras using various recording formats, memory card types and memory card sizes. This has been extracted from the RED Recording Time Calculator site found here.