VMEDIA Damage Waiver Cover

VMEDIA Damage Waiver Cover

For equipment values of up to £5,000, VMEDIA through VMI, can offer damage waiver cover, charged at 18% of the total hire value.  The Inland Revenue have ruled that VMEDIA Damage Waiver cover is exempt of Insurance Premium Tax but instead subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

If you have your own insurance cover, please send us a copy of your cover note and we will remove this charge. Failure to do this prior to your hire will result in damage waiver cover being charged.

Summary of VMEDIA Damage Waiver Cover

Under the Damage Waiver, VMEDIA will waive certain charges for loss or damage of Hire Goods. Full Details of Terms and Conditions



Loss Amount Sum payable by you
Under £1,000 £350
Under £2,500 £600
Under £5,000 £800


Loss will not be waived under the following circumstances: