VMI Halves Carbon Emissions since 2019

VMI has completed its third Carbon audit, which confirms that CO2 emissions have reduced for a 3rd year and are now at half of 2019 levels, two full years ahead of schedule.

VMI began its net-zero campaign back in 2021 and committed to halving its 2019 CO2 emissions by 2025 and achieving net-zero by 2030

CO2e Emissions without capital expenditure, for which the reporting organisation has no direct control over, but does include all other relevant scope 3 emissions are as follows:

213T CO2e to 121.4T CO2e a reduction of 48.12% compared to the 2019 baseline and a 43% saving from 2021. (source: VMI 2022 Carbon Audit)

It’s worth noting that VMI has managed to reduce their scope 3 emissions, while also increasing the scope 3 boundary for this reporting year.

Read the full VMI 2022 Carbon Audit Report prepared by Khandiz Joni of Creative Zero here

VOTE NOW for VMI Carbon-Neutral offset Scheme

VMI plans to fully offset its 2022 emissions in order to become an Albert certified Carbon Neutral company since 2022.

We want YOU to vote on what scheme you would like VMI to invest in. Voting Closes 31 March.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Offset Projects

VMI’s latest carbon audit has been approved by Albert, the UK’s environmental sustainability hub for film + TV, so it made sense for VMI to team up with their Creative Offsets scheme, in order to enable VMI’s activities to offset our carbon impact, thus making us an Albert-Approved carbon neutral organisation.

We know that being carbon neutral is not the same as achieving net-zero but in supporting approved offset schemes, we are taking a further positive step towards making positive contributions to the environment while actively eliminating waste and carbon emissions from our activities.

You Choose the project VMI supports

We have selected three projects which we would like to support and which have received Albert approval and are setting up an on-line Poll for our staff, friends, customers and suppliers to vote on, to select an offsetting scheme for VMI to invest in, after which we will become an Albert-approved carbon-neutral organisation.

Albert-Approved Schemes

Albert has selected to work with Natural Capital Partners, leading experts in carbon neutrality and climate finance, to run the scheme. Natural Capital Partners’ offset projects are all validated and verified to recognised third party carbon standards.

We searched far and wide to find the right offset scheme, one which we felt confident could deliver to the standard we required but which also went further, offsetting our industry’s carbon impact and at the same time, delivering on the UN’s global goals for maximum impact

Michelle Whitehead, project manager for albert

1.    Investing in Renewables Projects

Renewable energy projects that Ecologi has supported so far include wind, solar, waste biomass, landfill gas capture, and small hydropower projects. Projects must have no negative impacts on local communities or biodiversity for Ecologi to consider supporting them, and must contribute to the UN’s SDGs. Take a look at all the projects we’ve supported so far on our projects page.

Why fund renewables?

Renewable energy projects provide reliable sources of energy to power people’s lives, without the emissions caused by fossil fuels. We select renewable energy projects to support that contribute to as many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as possible, such as Good Jobs and Economic Growth, Innovation and Infrastructure, and of course Climate Action.

  • Prevents GHG emissions that cause climate change
  • Contributes towards the UN SDGs
  • Improves local access to clean energy

2.      Support Nature Based Projects

Nature-based carbon avoidance projects include protecting trees previously designated for being cut down, and restoring and protecting carbon-rich peatlands. Natural carbon stores must be protected if we are to slow climate change, and these projects should also improve human lives. See all the projects we’ve supported so far on our projects page.

Why fund nature-based carbon reduction projects?

Nature-based carbon avoidance projects prevent precious natural habitats from being degraded. Not only does this keep carbon locked away in plants and soils, but it also preserves the homes of threatened species. Managing natural habitats in a sustainable way can benefit livelihoods too, providing sustainable sources of income.

  • New sustainable sources of income for local people
  • Prevents emissions from important carbon sinks
  • Protects threatened species

3.     Support community-based projects

Reducing or avoiding carbon emissions can go hand-in-hand with projects that improve people’s lives directly within their homes. Such projects include replacing cookstoves with ones that are more fuel-efficient, and improving access to clean water, reducing the need to burn fuel in both cases. Take a look at the projects we’ve supported so far on our projects page.

Why fund community projects?

All the projects Ecologi supports benefit people, but with community-based carbon avoidance projects the benefits for people are perhaps the most obvious. For example, improving access to clean water may not seem like a climate solution, but it means that dirty water doesn’t have to boiled to make it safer, so less fuel has to be burned, creating fewer emissions.

  • Prevents GHG emissions that cause climate change
  • Contributes towards the UN SDGs
  • Improves lives of local people

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