Sony SxS PRO+ and SxS-1 solid state memory USB 3.0 reader/writer


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The SBAC-US30 works on both Windows-based PCs and Macintosh computers

The SBAC-US30 provides high speed transfer of audio/visual material from a SxS PRO+ or SxS-1 solid state memory card using an USB 3.0 interface, allowing you to make transfers when your computer does not have an ExpressCard slot. The device also provides compatibility with USB 2.0

The SBAC-US30 is compatible with media other than a SxS PRO+ or SxS-1 card when using the following adapters: SD card adapter, Memory Stick adapter, XQD Express card adapter

Read speeds of approx. 440 MBps from latest SxS Pro+ and SxS-1 cards. Write speeds of approx. 350 MBps to latest SxS Pro+ cards

The SBAC-US30 memory card reader/writer. For use with SxS Pro+, SxS Pro, SxS and SxS-1 cards

Works on both Windows-based PCs and Macintosh computers via a USB 3.0 interface for high-speed transfer of audio-visual material.

The reader is also compatible with a USB 2.0 interface.

This compact and portable device is the successor to the SBAC-US20 and comes in handy in many situations on location, for desktop browsing and fully-fledged editing.

Check out the VMEDIA Memory Card Compatibility Database here

Sony SxS PRO+ and SxS-1 Reader hires can be placed in a compact 1120 Peli case for easy storage and/or transportation.


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