Hawkwoods 150WH Mini V-Lok 4 way Flightsafe Power Kit (to V-Lok)

Hawkwoods 150WH Mini VLock Mini V-Lock Batteries with dual hotswap to V-Lok

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  • The Hawkwoods mini V-Lok battery system offers the performance of a regular Anton Bauer Dionic 150XT battery but in a mini V-Lok case. 
  • A double clip allows 2 x batteries to be fitted for hot-swap capability to avoid powering down with battery changes and also offers longer run times too. 
  • A smaller battery size and reduced volume means that battery cases are smaller and lighter. 
  • The system provides real time run-time battery data in your viewfinder.
  • Also, VMEDIA includes both 2 x dual chargers in all 4/5-way power kits ensuring that you always have a spare charger.
  • VMEDIA offer an option to supply cameras and accessories with either conventional Anton Bauer or Mini V-Lok batteries.
  • Finally, the Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok 150 WH batteries are flight safe so airlines ought to allow 2 x batteries for carry-on, however please read the VMEDIA article IATA Guidelines on air transport of Lithium-ion batteries on how the new rule changes have far reaching implications for air travel.

Hawk Woods VL-M150 Mini V-Lok Li-Ion Battery

The Hawk-Woods 150Wh mini V-lok battery offers the same capacity as a full size Anton Bauer 150XT battery in a really small case - in fact, it is roughly half of the size and will fit into the palm of your hand. 


  • 150Wh capacity per battery
  • Maximum 10A (150W) power draw but this is doubled to 20W (300W) if used in conjunction with another battery and hot-swap plate.
  • LED Voltage Indicator
  • Really small size but battery mount is a full size V-Lok, so it is s compatible with all full size V-Lok battery plates
  • Battery mount is convertable to goldmount with supplied hot swap back.
  • Built-in D-tap socket too.
  • The capacity is within the 160Wh bracket, so battery is classed as 'flight safe' for carry-on luggage, permitting 2 x batteries for carry-n (plus one connected to your camera too) though volumes are subject to the airline.

Hawk Woods VL-MCF1L hot swap battery plate included as standard

This version of the power kit includes a dual V-Lok battery plate to V-Lok plate as standard.

Battery status LEDs are present on the hot-swap plate as well as 2 x further D-Tap outputs.

This means that you can mount 1 or 2 x Mini V-Lok batteries and enjoy twice the capacity and also twice the current draw of a single battery and the intelligent circuitry also means that you can change batteries 'hot swap' style without powering down the camera and a flashing LED will advise when a specific battery will soon need to be changed.  Very smart.

VMEDIA is making your life easy for travel

We like to make things easy for our clients, since we know that being prevented from taking your power on the plane with you by a customs or airport official not familiar with all of the IATA rules is likely to have a devastating effect on your production.

Since the revised guidelines are now clear and well understood, Hawkwoods has taken to printing the words "Flight-Safe" onto their 150WH Mini V-Lok batteries and also including a printed QR code, so that customs officials are able to scan the code and confirm that these batteries are safe to be taken as carry-on with you in an unlimited number. 

As per the caveat above, individual airlines may still interpret IATA rules differently and impose their own standards and limits on passengers, so you are strongly advised to check their policy on Lithium-ion transportation ahead of travelling, though our hope is that our laminated cards may help you if you face an empasse with an official trying to play it safe!

Hawk Woods Chargers

VMI provide both 2 x dual chargers in a kit of 4/5 x batteries - this means that you can charge 2 x batteries concurrently and always have a spare charger in the event of failure.

VMEDIA Mini V-Lok Power Kits

The VMEDIA V-Lok power kits include:

  • 4 x Hawk Woods VL-M150 150WH Mini V-Lok Li Ion batteries
  • 2 x Hawkwoods VL-MX2 Dual chargers
  • Hawk-Woods VL-MCF1L dual V-Lok to V-Lok camera plate 

Please be aware of FAA Guidelines and FAQs on carrying batteries on aeroplanes


The same performance of an V-Lok 150WH battery in a mini V-Lok case and supplied with a double battery hot-swap clip to V-Lok to avoid powering down during battery changes and offering longer run times too (maximum of 20A/300W power draw) in a smaller, lighter battery case.   

Finally, the Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok 150 WH batteries are flight safe so 2 batteries are permitted for carry-on to aeroplanes, however please read the VMEDIA article IATA Guidelines on air transport of Lithium-ion batteries on how the new rule changes have far reaching implications for air travel


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