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What is the connection speed of the Compact Drive Reader?
The connection speed of the Compact Drive Reader depends on the type of USB connection and on the power that is delivered by the host.

We recommend to connect the Reader directly to a USB-C port that is capable of providing the maximum current allowed by USB-C (3A). The Compact Drive Reader will then provide a connection speed of 8 Gb/s.

A USB-A port can only provide 0.9A and the connection speed will be limited to around 180 Mb/s.

The connection speed is indicated by the status light on the front of the Compact Drive.

– Blue: 3A from host, for performance ~1GB/s.
– Green: 1.5A from host, for performance ~550MB/s.
– Amber: 0.9A from host, for performance ~180MB/s. (In this case it is likely that the Compact Drive Reader is connected to a USB-A port.)

USB 2.0 ports should not be used as they provide only 0.5A, which will result in poor and unreliable performance.


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Interface/Power USB-C
Operating System macOS 10.14.4 / Windows 10 / Centos 7
Dimensions 122.5 x 71.5 x 24.5mm
Weight 160g
Operating Temperature -5°C ~ 40°C [25°F ~ 104°F]
Operating relative humidity to 95% [non-condensing]
Storage Humidity to 95% [non-condensing
Insertion/removable durability 10,000 actions
Insertion/Removal Durability 10,000 actions
Connection Speed Up to 8 Gb/s using USB-C (3A)
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Product Code CX.0001005
1 CODEX Compact Drive Reader
1 USB-C to USB-C
1 USB-C to USB-A

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