Hawk-Woods 28v V-lok Spigot Light Stand Power Adaptor





Battery Clip Compatibility

Mini VLock, V-Lock



28V Dual V-Lok Spigot-mounted Lighting Power Solution. 

Mount 2 x V-Lok batteries or 2 x pairs of Mini V-Lok batteries (when used with double V-Lok adapter clips) to give a 28V XLR-3 output to power suitable location lights.  Spigot adapters are compatible with all 16mm – 5/8″ light stands and C-stands and no clamps are required to mount unit.


  • Attaches to 16mm.5/8″ light stands or C-Stands
  • HP Contacts allow up to 12A draw – note that batteries need to be able to supply this power output.
  • 28V XLR 3pin ouput when fitted with 2 x 14V V-Lok batteries.
  • When used with 2 x Hawkwoods Mini V-Lok 150ML batteries, this will output 28V of 6A/150W power output with 300WH capacity.
  • When used in conjunction with 2 x Hawkwoods double power clips, you can fit 4 x 150WH batteries to give 600WH of battery power to give a sustained 28V power output of 12A (300W) output.  This can power a 300W output for 2 hours.

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