Hawk-Woods Mini Reel Power 15mm Adaptor




Battery Clip Compatibility


Complimenting the Hawkwoods Reel Power Mini battery system is the RPM-HS1A supporting a hotswap input and numerous power outputs. The slim line adapter suits the Reel Power Mini batteries perfectly and is ideally aimed at the ARRI ALEXA MINI LF camera. This keeps the whole rig/system as light as possible allowing the user to be mobile when needed.

The RPM-HS1A provides a 8-pin Lemo DC Input, 2x RS Fischer outputs, 4x D-Tap 12v outputs, 2x 12v Lemo outputs, allowing the user to power the complete rig with accessories from a single adapter. There is a hard wired 8-pin Lemo connector allowing for power to be provided to the camera without the need of additional cables.


  • 4x Power-Con (D-Tap) 12v outputs
  • 2x 12v Lemo outputs
  • 2x RS Fischer 24v outputs
  • 8-Pin Lemo Camera Power Connector
1 x Hawkwoods Mini Reel Power 15mm Adaptor RP-HS1A

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