RED minimags are an evolution of their predecessor, the REDMAG 1.8. RED MINI-MAGs have faster read/write speeds to support higher frame rates and resolutions with minimal compression. The minimag is REDs proprietry media format based off of an SSD architecture. Our MINI-MAG card hires are compatible with the DSMC2, WEAPON 8K VV, WEAPON 8K S35, WEAPON 6K, EPIC-W, SCARLET-W, RAVEN, EPIC/SCARLET DRAGON and EPIC/SCARLET M-X. A RED MINI-MAG Side SSD Module is required for use with your RED EPIC or SCARLET BRAIN. Based in London, VMEDIA’s RED minimag memory card hire contributes to an efficient 4K workflow and are availiable in 480GB or 512GB and the 960GB which were the 1TB sized cards.

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