FXLION 48V 620Wh 24Ah Mega Battery

FXLION 48V 620Wh 24Ah Mega Battery

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  • Using high power li-ion cells for high current output
  • In colder climates these Mega Battereis can still offer 60% of their full power even under -30℃, much more efficient than normal li-ion batteries.
  • Working current up to 40A max, makes this a portable power solution for high power lighting and film gear.
  • Intelligent PCB design protects against over-heating, over-charging, over-discharge, and over-current.
  • No memory effect
  • Working temperature: -30°C~+55°C


  • 48V, 28V, and 15V outputs can all work at the same time
  • Max current 40A for 28V output
  • Fit for 100W, 200W, and 400W and above. Useful for high powered LED lights, film lights, and 15V, 28V and 48V cameras.

Technical Info

Capacity: 24Ah /620Wh
Output 1: 48V
Output 2: 28V/40A(MAX)
Output 3: 15V/8A(MAX)
Charging time: PL-7115  ~5H
Dimension/Weight: 221.5(L)mm×152(W)mm×174(H)mm
Weight: 8000g

The VMEDIA power kits include:

  • 2 x FXLION 48V 620Wh 24Ah Mega Batteries
  • 2 x FXLION Mega Battery chargers

An alternative to the Anton Bauer Cine VCLX range.

FXLION 48V 620Wh 24Ah Mega Battery. This large capacity battery is ideal for powering cameras and for lighting applications that require formidable battery power in a robust and reliable source. Capable of 400W output it features 15v 28v and 48v power options.

Based on Lithium Ion technology, it is 4kg lighter than the Anton Bauer Cine VCLX battery and is one of only a few battery systems capable of powering the ARRI Skypanel S60, the Litepanel Gemini LED range, and various other lighting options.

These are not suitable for air freight.  

For more information please read the VMEDIA IATA Guidelines For Air Transport of Lithium Metal and Lithium-ion Batteries


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