First Time Hire

If you have hired from VMI already, then you already have an account with VMEDIA, and are welcome to place a hire with us. However, if you haven’t hired from VMI or VMEDIA before, don’t worry, the process to setup an account is easy.

Corporate | Professional | Freelance Clients

Prior to your first hire, VMEDIA require the following:

  • Must have been trading for 12 months or more.
  • Must be able to supply 2 trade references from rental companies you have dealt with for at least 12 months.
  • In the event of freelancers, then production companies or other professionals will also count.
  • Proof of valid insurance policy sent to us via email.

Please fill the account application form.

It is a compulsory requirement for you to have a valid ‘hired in insurance policy’ in place when hiring equipment. VMI can provide damage waiver cover to £5,000 if you don’t have your own policy in place. This is chargeable at a rate of 18% of the hire value plus VAT. Alternatively Apply for Insurance Cover with Performance Insurance

First hires are always on a COD basis and we have a minimum hire charge of £15+VAT.

Note that this process can take between 1-2 days, so please give as much notice as possible, as we cannot guarantee how much time it takes for referees to answer our enquiries.

Private Clients

VMI and VMEDIA no longer accept bookings from private hirers.

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