Canon EOS C100 Mk II

The following compatible memory cards, data rates, and recording time information has been extracted from the Canon EOS C100 Mk II website and/or camera manual. All information is subject to change, and all data rates and recording times are approximate values. Bit rates and recording times will vary depending on the content being captured.

Canon EOS C100 Mk II Compatible Memory Cards

The following table shows all compatible memory cards for the Canon EOS C100 Mk II camera.

Card Type Make Speed Class Model Size
TOSHIBA SDHC Class6 Class6 SD-GH008G 8GB
Class6 SD-GH016G 16GB
SDHC Class10 Class10 SD-GX032G 32GB
SDHC UHS-I Class10 U1/Class10 D-AU008G 8GB
SDXC UHS-I Class10 U1/Class10 SD-AU064G 64GB
EXCERIA Type 2 U1/Class10 SD-GU016G2 16GB
U1/Class10 SD-GU032G2 32GB
Panasonic SDHC CLASS6 Class6 RP-SDLC08GJK 8GB
Class6 RP-SDLC16GJK 16GB
Hi – speed Class10 RP-SDWA08GJK 8GB
Class10 RP-SDWA16GJK 16GB
Class10 RP-SDWA32GJK 32GB
Ultrahigh-speed UHS-I U1/Class10 RP-SDAB32GJK 32GB
High-speed, high-capacity, UHS-I U1/Class10 RP-SDUB64GJK 64GB
SanDisk Ultra SDHC Class10 SDSDH-008G-J35 8GB
Class10 SDSDU-008G-J35 8GB
Class6 SDSDH-016G-J35 16GB
Class10 SDSDU-016G-J35 16GB
Class10 SDSDU-032G-J35 32GB
Class10 SDSDU-064G-J35 64GB
Extreme SDXC UHS-I U1/Class10 SDSDXS-032G-J35 32GB
U1/Class10 SDSDXS-064G-J35 64GB
U1/Class10 SDSDU-128G-J35 128GB

Canon EOS C100 Mk II Data Rates and Approximate Recording Times

The following table shows the approximate recording times of the Canon EOS C100 Mk II camera using various recording formats, memory card types and memory card sizes.

Resolution BitRate Recording time in Minutes
AVCHD 1920×1080 28 Mbps LPCM 150 75
28 Mbps 150 75
24 Mbps LPCM 175 85
24 Mbps 175 85
17 Mbps 250 125
1440×1080 7 Mbps 575 285
MP4 1920×1080 35 Mbps 120 60
24 Mbps 175 85
17 Mbps 250 125
1280×720 4 Mbps 1040 520
640×360 3 Mbps 1375 685

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