Cupertino, California, September 7, 2016 – The CompactFlash Association announces the CFexpress Family of high-performance removable storage based on PCIE and NVM Express. CFexpress leverages the PCIE physical interface for higher performance. CFA’s objective is to specify multiple removable storage devices that spans from two lanes architecture all the way up to eight lanes. With the current PCIE Gen 3 delivering maximum theoretical interface speeds of 1.0GB/sec per lane, CFexpress would enable theoretical sequential speed of up to 8GB/s. CFexpress also utilizes the low latency NVM Express memory/storage protocol across all of the form factors. This enables compatibility with a broader set of ecosystems.

Professional video data rate requirements are growing at an exponential rate exceeding the capabilities of existing open standard formats. 4K RAW video at 30fps requires 400-500MB/sec of sustained performance not including any overhead to guarantee performance over the entire recording media. 4K RAW video at 120fps requires 1,600-2,000MB/sec. 4K RAW video at 240fps requires 3,200-4,000MB/sec. Even in High-Quality I-Frame compression formats, the data rates quickly exceed 1.0GB/Sec at high frame rates.

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