VMEDIAs XQD memory card hire in London offers stable high frame 4K video recording while avoiding speed degradation. The XQD 1.0 released in 2011 utilises the PCI Express interface and was capable of 2.5Gb/s. The XQD 2.0 was introduced in 2012 and boasted speeds of 8Gb/s using the PCI Express 3.0 interface, with legacy support for Gen 1 and Gen 2 PCI. XQD memory cards were created in partnership by Sony, SanDisk and Nikon and were quickly adopted by the Compact Flash Association. VMEDIAs XQD card hire maximises workflow efficiency with blistering transfer speeds. The XQD memory card are currently supported by the Sony PMW-F55, PMW-F5, PXW-FS7 Mk I and PXW-FS7 Mk II, as well as the Nikon D4, D4s, Nikon D5 and Nikon D500. VMEDIA currently hire out Sony 128GB and 256GB sized XQD memory cards.

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